Maze Runner 3: The Death Cure


I was looking forward to the finale of this amazing story brought forth through the first Maze Runner movie. So when the film came out, I did not hesitate and bought myself a ticket to see it. After watching, I could say I was not entirely thrilled about what I watched. I found myself in the middle of watching the film, immensely furious on some of the little things, which I think is little but should be, in fact, unnoticeable, for a successful franchise trilogy. And I could say, that I am not alone in sharing this feeling.

One of the things I find was that I felt that the motivation of the lead character to set out on a journey was not as strong. I have no problems with him, wanting to save a dear friend; and I for one, would think it would be ridiculous if his motivation was to save Theresa, his lover who betrayed him. I just felt that for the length of the film, it would have been great if the character had some sort of realisation in the middle of the story that in order to put everything to stop, he has to defeat Wicked. A change of motivation in a film is not new in the industry and I feel like it would've greatly changed they way I viewed the film if that was the case.

I do have some of my little frustrations in the film, let me share them with you:

1. Thomas' hate towards Gally

I can understand his rage but to still show it after everything Gally's done for him to make up for his past mistakes, I felt that Thomas has become unreasonable.

2. Thomas took his helmet off when they entered Wicked

I can understand his anger towards Theresa but knowing that he's in an enemy's lair, he still decides to take his helmet off?! Of course they will get caught!

3. Thomas changed guns?!

When he saw Ava in the lab once more, he was already pointing his long (electric shock) gun. Yet, there was still a need of him to change his gun choice to a pistol? 

4. Thomas could've saved Newt!!

When Newt was dying, Theresa went to announce in the city that Thomas' blood was the cure. What a perfect opportunity to slash your flesh and feed your blood to your friend in need! But NO! You needed to stand up in shock till your friend completely transforms and dies. 


This is not all but I can't bring myself to carry on. This is taking too much of my energy. Overall, this film is still not that bad. I like the fact, despite the weak motivation, that the main objective of the main character was to save a friend. And that stories doesn't need to always be carried by the need to rescue a damsel in distress.